Types of Treatment

Regardless of the type of treatment you choose, Dr. Kohlenberg will be happy to communicate with your primary care provider, specialist, or allied health professional in order to make sure that we are able to coordinate as a team to accomplish your goals. If you are not sure what sort of therapy would fit your needs, you can discuss your options during a free consultation.

Working from the outside in
Biofeedback helps you learn to change your physiology in furtherance of your clinical goals. Unwanted signs or symptoms are decreased or cease completely due to these physiological changes.
Using your mind to facilitate change
Clinical Hypnosis
"A state of consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness characterized by an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion" - The Society of Psychological Hypnosis (Division 30 of the American Psychological Association)
working from the inside out
Psychotherapy is any treatment relying on psychological means for therapeutic results. Most people use the term “psychotherapy" to mean talk therapy; a clinical relational process that can lead to experiences, insights, and changes that help people with their clinical goals.
Evidence-based interventions for health
Health Coaching
Helping you identify potential room for improvement for factors that directly influence physical and mental health, such as stress, sleep, relationships, and physical activity, and then helping you actually make the improvements.

What all of these types of treatment have in common is that they are often meant to treat causes, not just symptoms. The focus of this practice is not temporary fixes, but lasting change.